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Legal Centric Indonesia is a fast-growing digital legal resources company providing a comprehensive, bilingual legal know-how and law database service to the broader legal and tax community.

The Legal Centric service delivers daily bilingual legal updates, articles and analysis, together with a bilingual Indonesian and English database of Indonesian laws and regulations on a bespoke advanced digital platform.

The Legal Centric Indonesia law database is the largest available anywhere and our professional quality law translations number more than 35,000 - more than 35 times the number of translations of any other source!

Legal Centric launched its web-based bilingual legal and tax information services in 2016 and enjoys the support of the vast majority of large and top-rated law, accounting and tax firms in the market.

Company background: Legal Centric Indonesia was first established in 1995 as Penelitian Hukum Indonesia (PHI) providing the only bilingual legal database of Indonesian legislation. The database service was originally delivered by CD-ROM and comprised the largest database of legislation available with high quality translations of 30,000 pieces of legislation. The service was significantly expanded and relaunched online as Legal Centric Indonesia in 2016.

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