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Summary of Circular Letter of the Director General of Healthcare Number HK.02.02/III/2617/2022 regarding Reporting of Covid-19 Laboratory Examination Results in Allrecord-TC19 (NAR) Application

This circular letter informs the relevant parties as referred to in this circular letter to instruct all Health Service Facilities/Laboratories that carry out Corona Virus Disease 2019 ...

Rangkuman Surat Edaran Direktur Jenderal Pelayanan Kesehatan Nomor HK.02.02/III/2617/2022 tentang Pelaporan Hasil Pemeriksaan Laboratorium Covid-19 dalam Aplikasi Allrecord-TC19 (NAR)

Surat edaran ini menginformasikan pihak terkait sebagaimana dimaksud dalam surat edaran ini agar menginstruksikan kepada seluruh Fasilitas Pelayanan Kesehatan (Fasyankes)/Laboratorium yang ...

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